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YASKAWA Drives: YASKAWA AC Variable Speed drives, the world leader in the manufacturing of AC drives.


The drive may be the world’s smallest compact drive in size (70% less space required), but don’t let its stature fool you as the all in one J1000 package is still very capable of providing outstanding quality, reliability and performance. Yaskawa has once again lived up to their reputation of providing the automation industry with a state of the art microdrive to meet today’s needs and demands.

The J1000 is available from 0.12 to 5.5kW. The voltage classes are 200-240V single-phase, and 380-480V three-phase, all of which are 50/60 Hz. The J1000 shares a common programming language with its V1000 cousin as well as future released products, ensuring quick set-up modes, easy programming, and reduced start-up times.



With its new inverter drive series A1000, technology expert YASKAWA Electric presents an innovative portfolio for the performance ranges of 0.4 to 110 kW (200V) and 0.4 to 630 kW (400V).





YaskawaThe YASKAWA V1000 variable speed drive is once again Yaskawa's proof of their claim for quality.
Yaskawa V1000 is a general purpose compact size inverter drive, which covers the demands of a wide field of applications. Installable in narrow spaces it reduces installation time and costs and still provides all the comfort of a modern up-to-date inverter drive.

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