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Conductor Bar

Safe bar and conductor bar systems are safe and reliable to use, and also help to supply electrical power to overhead cranes, hoists and other mobile plants. At GM Technical Services we offer a wide range of bars from 60 amps to 400 amps. The conductor bars are available in galvanized steel and copper to service various applications and environmental conditions. We offer quality standards and products to all our clients, as well as strong, rigid and electrically secure jointing systems. Our exceptional staff is trained to offer quick and easy installments with minimal maintenance requirements.


Our conductor bars are mounted along the path a mobile consumer follows and a current collector is mounted onto the crane, hoist or mobile plant. The current collector maintains contact with the conductor bar as the vehicle operates allowing electricity to flow sufficiently. We specialize with supplying and installing a comprehensive range of crane conductor systems suitable for various types of machinery, so contact us to see how we can improve the efficiency of your vehicle and let us help you extend your services.


We over a variety of conduct bars all designed with your vehicles needs in mind. We go out of our way to make sure that our loyal clients are offered valuable services that make carrying out your projects better and safer.

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